Personal Technology Columnist Walt Mossberg

Walt Mossberg is a much respected journalist and author about all things to do with modern technology and how it’s affecting our daily business and private lives and the joys and frustrations it brings. If you never read any of Walt’s stuff or if you’ve never even heard of him here are some examples of his work which you may find useful.
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Microsoft Surface Tablet Review

Microsoft’s Surface is a tablet with some pluses: The major Office apps and nice optional keyboards. If you can live with its tiny number of third-party apps and somewhat disappointing battery life, it may give you the productivity some miss in other tablets….

More at Microsoft Surface Tablet Review – Walt Mossberg – Personal …

Personal Technology Columnist Walt Mossberg Weighs in on the Microsoft Surface Tablet:

Kindle Fire HD is Better, But It Isn’t the Best Color Tablet

In my harsh battery test, where I set the screen at 75% brightness, leave on the Wi-Fi to collect email in the background, and play videos back to back, the Fire HD was respectable, if not up to its claim of 11 hours, or as good as its competitors. It lasted nine hours and 28 minutes, compared with just five hours and 47 minutes for the original Fire. That was about half an hour less than the iPad, but over an hour less than the Nexus.

Overall, I see the 7-inch Fire HD as a good value for those primarily interested in easily tapping Amazon’s large collection of content….

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Walt Mossberg Tests Dropbox, SugarSync, SkyDrive and Google …

Again, all of these services worked for me. But you might prefer, say, SkyDrive, for its bigger free storage, and tie-in to Microsoft Office; or SugarSync, for its ability to work with your existing folders. You can try several before deciding. It costs nothing to give them a test drive….

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Well, that’s just a small taste of what Walt is all about and if you enjoyed reading these three small articles then you may want to follow Walt on his Twitter or on his website or why not visit Walt Mossberg at his Google Plus Profile

Also, don’t forget to see my personal take on technology at The Computer Repair Center.

Cheers for now, Kevin Walker.

Walt Mossberg

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